Child protection in shelter homes


The children of our residents have frequently experienced domestic violence in the past, either because they have been threatened directly by the offender and/or they have witnessed assaults against their mothers, often multiple times and over a long period of time. In many cases assaults against the children were the crucial reasons for women to leave their homes.

Since 2014 our facility has operated an independent division for children with a psychologist in full-time position working partially with the children. With the specialized support of the psychologist children are able to overcome with time the experience of domestic violence. The method of approach in working with the children is, in accordance to their age, trauma-educational and play-therapeutic.

In congruence with up to date scientific research children are just as much affected by domestic violence as their mothers. They do need adequate help and support to develop sound and healthy personalities so as to have a constructive future life despite the early-childhood traumatic experiences of domestic violence.

Since we believe that a strong mother can care for her child`s needs best, our staff supports the vital, life-ensuring bond between mothers and their children. The psychologist also works with the mothers in regard to child upbringing, child development, counseling about the consequences of violence against children and any other child-related subjects and difficulties.