The Flats

A room of my own – living in the flats
Our sheltered flats are located in different districts of Berlin.

•    We make a sublet contract with each resident. The minimum rental period is two weeks.

•    The women themselves are responsible for the day to day life within the apartment. This includes self- catering, parental responsibility and regular rent payments.

•    The identity of the residents, the flats and phone number must be kept anonymous at all times – even after the woman has moved out.

•    Men are not admitted to the flats – regardless of their relationship to the women in the shelter flats.

◦    Further important principles and requirements for living in the shelter-flats:
◦    cooperating with the staff
◦    a genuine desire to change their personal situation
◦    tolerance towards different cultural backgrounds and customs
◦    non-violence in the flats
•    Each woman has her own room together with their children, where they live independently.
•    The women are responsible to organize their daily life by themselves, cooperating with the other residents living there. Living in a shared accommodation enables them to redraw their boundaries and discover and experience their own needs for freedom.